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Poets say the eyes are the threshold to the soul; that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now you can enhance the beauty and mystery with professional eyelash extensions that look, feel, and wear like your own beautiful lashes.


Approximately 90 - 120 Minute | $250 | Book Now | Gift Certificate 
Eyelash extensions transform natural lashes into big, beautiful, luscious lashes. QUA professionals specialize in lash extensions and touch-ups. Lash extensions are long-lasting and so comfortable you’ll think you were born with them!


Approximately 60 Minute | $125 | Book Now | Gift Certificate 
Eyelash fills should be done every 3 weeks. We remove grown out lashes and add new eyelash extensions to all of your regrowth. Our lash clients walk out with a completely new set of eyelashes every time. We DO NOT do refills that was not done by our lash artist.